Pokemon Wifi Fun

This is the chat zone.  Please look over the rules on the bottom before entering.

This is safe and improved as we now have moderators.

1. No swearing or bad language. "Damn", "Hell", or "Crap" is okay. I know this is a setback for some people, but remember, there are people of every age online.

2. No spamming Example: "I am going to trade a pichu." shouldn't be I/am/going/to/trade/a/pichu.

3. No hurting or teasing others. Blackmailing or known sock/meat puppets will be banned forever.

Swear once: one warning.

Spam once: one warning.

Hurtful talk: one warning.

3 warnings: one week ban.

4 warnings: one month ban.

5 warnings: six month ban.

6+ warnings: banned forever.

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