Pokemon Wifi Fun

Welcome to my site! 

Hello and Welcome the Pokemon Wifi Fun   website.  Here you can chat and start up pokemon trades and battles with other people.   

Now before we start here are some rules you need to follow before checking out this site:

1. No foul language

2. No voice chat or Xtransceiver when trading or battling unless you have traded or battled for AT LEAST 2 to 3 weeks. 

3.  Don't give personal information

4. Any pokemon are allowed for battle or trade. That includes hacked ones.

5. Have fun!


I will also be posting updates on when pokemon events are comming out so please keep checking back to get updates on Wifi events or outside game events.

Play Pokemon Black/White Straight from your PC

Pokemon White Download Link:


Pokemon Black Download Link:


Emulator Link:



Wallpapers  to print and for your desktop.

Palkia Dialga.jpg Palkia Dialga.jpg
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Pikachu.jpg Pikachu.jpg
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Piplup.jpg Piplup.jpg
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Gen 1 starters.jpg Gen 1 starters.jpg
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Groudon.jpg Groudon.jpg
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